Stevie Knauss is a bookbinder living in Brooklyn, trained in a variety of book arts traditions. She is excited to build on the legacy of quality craftsmanship that Joe Landau founded at Finebinding.

We appreciate your patience during this time of transition. Please send all inquiries regarding appointments and appraisals via email to

Custom Binding & Repair Services
Religious and Bible Binding

Religious and Bible Binding is the primary source for the repair, restoration, and rebinding of Bibles, Altar Books, Lectionaries, Artifacts, Holy Scriptures and other religious books and articles. We repair and restore Christian Bibles, Hebrew Bibles, Pentatuchs, Korans and books for all other faiths as well. We bind Leather Bibles and Bibles in cloth and linen. We offer simple or custom Bible designs. Some of our clients include Trinity Church, Plymouth Church, The Cathedral of St. John's the Devine, Larchmont Temple, Chabad of Brooklyn, The Bhai Center.

Individual clients send us their religious material from every state in the Union and from countries such as Japan, China, Australia, Puerto Rico and Peru, Mexico and Brazil. If the pages of your bible are falling apart, we offer custom sewing. If the pages are torn, we mend them.

We also bind commemorative Leather Albums and Albums in cloth for Bar Mitzvahs, Communions and for the Religious holidays and Weddings. You can also design your own special Christmas Album, Channukah Album or Easter Album.

We also print the pages of your albums along with photos, text and designs.

Custom Religious and Bible Binding Services

For exceptional quality, quick turnaround and affordable pricing, call NYC's professional bookbinders at 212-252-0129 or email us and put our 20 years of experience to work on your project.