Stevie Knauss is a bookbinder living in Brooklyn, trained in a variety of book arts traditions. She is excited to build on the legacy of quality craftsmanship that Joe Landau founded at Finebinding.

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Family Histories, Biographies and Genealogies

Family Histories, Biographies and Genealogies

Family Histories

In other instances, people have accumulated written accounts of their family histories. They have had us print and bind these books in genuine leather, Linen or cloth. Most often these books are assembled by family members and given to one individual to assemble into a complete text with photos, graphics and maps. When there aren't members of the family who can do this, our graphics artists put together these Family Histories for them. Sometimes only one or two books are needed, but often books are given to many members of the family, in which case, there is no limit to the amount of books that can be produced. Family Histories are produced throughout the year, but especially during holiday seasons, birthdays or Anniversary celebrations. All work is done in house at 42 West 38th Street.

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Biography Binding


With the growing interest in family and personal histories a growing number of people are gathering information about their ancestors. With the help of the internet, surprising results are appearing. To make a lasting record of this information our clients are bringing to us their findings in having them printed and bound in leather, bonded leather books, cloth books and linen books. Often family photos or family crests are foil stamped or silk screened onto the covers.


Once a person has led a particularly distinctive life, the individual, family member, or business associate will put together a biography of that life. These books are printed and bound and given as birthday books, anniversary books, award books, or retirement books. Books can be printed on fine cotton content paper and bound in linen, imitation leather, or genuine leather.

There is no restriction on how many books are made and special efforts by the staff of are made when time is of the essence.

Custom Family History, Genealogy and Biography Binding Services

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