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New York City

New York City, NYC is situated at the southmost point of New York state, bordering New Jersey. Known to be the most populated city in the country, New York City is truly a cultural melting pot. It's divided into five boroughs: Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Queens. Each borough maintains its own distinct identity and offering. From sports and entertainment to art and fine cuisine, the Big Apple has a little bit of everything. NYC is a world leader in finance, housing the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, as well as politics, housing the United Nations Headquarters. It's also notable for its tourist attractions, including Times Square and Broadway Theatre.

NYC Business Environment

The metropolitan area has become an epicenter for business, securing the title as a global financial capital. The financial district, centered around Wall Street, is home to the two largest stock markets in the world. Even more, the city is a world leader in both commercial and investment banking. Aside from it's financial institutions, much of the city's business resides in technology and biotechnology. It's also a world leader in media and advertising. NYC is home to globally recognized television networks, including NBC, ABC, and CBS. Finally, the city's economy thrives on tourism. Millions of visitors visit the city year long to visit attractions ranging from The Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center to Central Park and Fifth Avenue. All in all, New York City has the highest population of multinational businesses, Fortune 500 companies and small business, such as book binding company This, combined with an unprecedented amount of startups, secures its title as a global powerhouse.

New York City Neighborhoods

NYC has over 20 distinct neighborhoods. Below we take an look at each one...

Five Boroughs

NYC has five boroughs, each with its own unique identity and culture.


Brooklyn is located in southwestern New York. It's optimally located with borders reaching Long Island, Staten Island, Jersey City, Bayonne, and Manhattan. Known as the most populated borough, Brooklyn has over two and a half million residents. The borough is home to many notable landmarks, including Coney Island, Prospect Park, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and the Brooklyn Bridge, which serves as a connection to Manhattan. Brooklyn is divided into many diverse neighborhoods, encompasses a range of cultures. Each neighborhood offers its own unique mix of restaurants, shops and experiences. Many of these areas have become known for their hip culture. In particular, Williamsburg and DUMBO are home to many art galleries, music venues, and trendy cafes.

The crux of Brooklyn's economy stems from Manhattan with nearly 40% of its residents commuting daily. However, much of Brooklyn's internal economy revolves around startups and tech companies. It houses some of the most up-and-coming players in the industry, including Amplify, Etsy and VICE Media. The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce offers an array of services, including economic development, promotional opportunities and networking events. It also maintains ties to New York City Business solutions.

The Bronx

The Bronx is situated at the northern tip of New York City. The Bronx River divides the borough into two sections, one bordering Manhattan and the other bordering Long Island. While not one of the most populous boroughs, it's part of Bronx County- one of the most densely populated counties in the United States. The area is largely comprised of parks, including the Pelham Bay Park and Van Cortlandt Park. Other notable landmarks include the Pregones Theatre, the Bronx Zoo, and Yankee Stadium.

Primarily located in South Bronx, The Hub is an economic epicenter filled with retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment. Its music and theatre venues have earned it the title of "Broadway of the Bronx." The Gateway Center at Bronx Terminal Market is located in West Bronx. Newly renovated, the center is complete with an array of big name retailers and a substantial parking garage. The Bronx Chamber of Commerce offers an array of resources and support mechanisms for small and large businesses alike. The local business newspaper, Voice of the Bronx, offers advice, insights, and recaps of the borough's business environment.


Manhattan is the most densely populated borough, comprised of Manhattan Island and Marble Hill amongst many smaller islands. Tourists from all over the world flock to see everything from Times Square and Central Park to the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center. Manhattan is also home to the United Nations. The city is comprised of many unique neighborhoods, including Greenwich Village, Chinatown, Soho, Little Italy, and Hell's Kitchen.

Manhattan's economy is the most powerful in the world. It's home to Wall Street, The New York Stock Exchange, and The NASDAQ. In addition to the Financial District, Manhattan hosts roughly 2.3 commuters per day. These commuters work for a world renowned array of tech giants, media outlets, entertainment companies, and startups. The remainder of the economy is fueled by a combination of tourism, restaurants and shopping. Midtown, particularly Fifth Avenue, has the priciest retail rent in the world.

Staten Island

Situated at the southern tip of New York, Staten Island is the least industrialized of the boroughs. Its home to an abundance of parks and the famous Moses Mountain. Other notable landmarks include the Staten Island Zoo and the historic Richmond Town. Richmond Town consists of more than 30 buildings dating back to the 17th century. The town's main attraction, Decker Farm, offers interactive activities.

Staten Island also has the lowest cost of living out of all of the boroughs. This makes it attractive to those working in the heart of the city. Residents have a variety of transportation options, including the Staten Island Ferry, the Staten Island Railway, and local MTA busses.


Queens is located at the eastern tip of New York, with waters bordering both Manhattan and the Bronx. The densely populated area has become a cultural melting pot. It's known for everything from its historic jazz roots to modern graffiti exhibits.

Queen's booming economy is uniquely diverse. The borough is home to both LaGuardia Airport and JFK International Airport. It's also home to many sports arenas, including the New York Met's Citi Field, Aqueduct Racetrack, and the US Open stadium. It's geographically separated by urban districts. Some of the most notable include Jackson Heights and Astoria. Many of its residents reside in high-rise apartments within these areas.